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Venezuela Reportedly Ordered 300,000 Assault Rifles

Editorial | El Universal

Bogotá, 7 May 2005 | A Colombian parliamentarian affirmed that the purchase is for 300,000 assault rifles. Colombian congressman and member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Jimmy Chamorro, assured that the number of assault rifles that Venezuela will buy from Russia will be 300,000 and not 100,000, as had been publicly announced by the Russian and Venezuelan governments.

Chamorro said to Colombian broadcaster “La FM”: “At the beginning we received news about the 100,000 assault rifles Venezuela was going to purchase, but we now know from reliable sources that it is not 100,000, but much more, the agreement being that it is going to be 300,000, in staggered fashion, over the next three years.”

The senator also stated that the number of AK-47 is enough to fill the needs of the Venezuelan Army reservists, which, according to the senator, President Chávez intents to reach one million.

He took the opportunity to ask Colombian President Álvaro Uribe to protest, in a respectful way, that purchase.

Translated by W.K.

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