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Commentary on Article, Economist "How to protect Latin American democracy"

By Pedro Mario Burelli

09.06.05 | Today I just have a quote and a question since the Economist article is dead on and appropriately starts by asking “What exactly is the Organisation of American States (OAS) for?

The quote: "All that we see in Venezuela is that groups and opposition say that the separation of powers is not very clear," he said. "But we don't have a full report on that." Secretary General Insulza, (Washington Post, June 7th, 2005)

The question: Mr. Insulza, are you trying to say that the millions of dollars spent by the OAS in the last few years have not generated a report worthy of your concern? …and a follow up: is there a report on Bolivia?


PS: no wonder the US, which foots 74% of the OAS’s total budget (64% of ordinary budget and also most of the extraordinary items), is getting restless with this proud and “non-interventionist” bunch of dependents. It would be great to hear Mr. Insulza say to the US “pay only your fair share because I have managed to get Brazil, Mexico and my own country to up the ante and fund this organization in a way that reflects our desire to be weaned from your influence”. That my friends would give Mr. Insulza a leg to stand on when making cavalier statements like the one quoted above.

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