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Breaking News Venezuela: Military Revolt in Amazonas threatens to seize PDVSA

Lorena Caņas | Puerto Ordaz | El Nacional

13.06.05 | Professional troop from Regional Command No 9 of Venezuela's National Guard, based in Amazonas state, have taken control of its base in protest of abuses and humiliations exerted on colleagues of the now deactivated CORE-8, of neighbouring Bolivar state, by members of the army signposted to the "theater of operations No 5".

Sources report that it has been planned for today, should demands to reinstate dismissed colleagues aren't met, the seizure of military command posts in Bolivar, Monagas and Zulia states as well as all PDVSA and its subsidiaries's installations in the region. The National Guard of Bolivar will seize tomorrow the state enterprises of Guayana if the president (Chavez) doesn't reply.

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