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HR violations in Venezuela: 1.150 assassinations attributed to Aragua Police

By Tirso Ximenez

16.06.05 | A group of relatives of victims took it to the Commission of Interior Politics of Venezuela's National Assembly to denounce the asassination of 1.150 people. Sara Miery Teran, spokesperson for NGO "Vida, Paz y Libertad" stated that in a period spanning from June 1996 to December 2004, 1.150 cases of gross human rights violations have been documented by the said organization, more than 90% of them attributable, she said, to Aragua Police corps. Additionaly the Attorney General's Office has been informed about 375 cases and since July 2004 more than 800 new cases have been presented to the 20th Court of Fundamental Rights. Purportedly Aragua state governor Didalco Bolivar has been made aware of the situation. Nicolas Sosa, president of the Assembly's Commission, expressed that Pedro Santaella, Mayor of Casacoima in Delta Amacuro state, stands accused of instigating extra judicial killings. Relatives of victims request the appointment of an independent investigative commission in light of the inefficient action of official entities in this regard.

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