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By A.M. Mora y Leon | Publius Pundit

02.07.05 | Three students were shot dead in cold blood this week by Venezuelan police who claim they mixed the students up with some criminals they were hunting. Just like that, three lived snuffed out on a sunny street in Caracas. It was all just Ö another Ö mistake.

Daniel has some serious scoop about the incident here., a little independent news agency in Venezuela, has a pdf file of the names of those who were killed extrajudicially here. They also do extraordinary photo essays - they are not up yet but will be soon, the link to watch is here.

SOURCE: Globovision

Now, I am getting word from a journalist in Venezuela that 2000 students are marching against Chavez in a rapidly swelling crowd in Caracas. Chavez isnít going to be able to control this. And it comes against a summer backdrop of a big Youth Festival Chavez is hosting in August.

This revolution may be getting started again.

Update: The crowd has swelled to 5000.

Update: The crowd has swelled to 10,000 and Chavez has sent out low-flying military aircraft to intimidate the crowd.

Update: Globovision has the first news story and picture of this fast-growing demonstration here.

Update: The passion of the crowd is getting intense - itís not just about extrajudicial killings but now becoming an anti-Chavez rally. The crowds are chanting: Y cual, y cual, y cual democracia, se allana, tortura y dan tiros de gracia!

Update: video clip of the students marching and denouncing the cruel assassination of three colleagues

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