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Breaking News: Explosions in London underground kill 20

By Aleksander Boyd

London 07.07.05 | Radio news report that this morning a bus exploded near Tavistock Square in central London. Eye witnesses report that the roof of the bus was blown away and many people were left injured. The incident is cause for concern due to the fact that other explosions have also been reported to have ocurred in the London underground, namely between Aldgate East and Liverpool Street Station, Edgware Road and King's Cross stations. There is very little information available as I write this note, however London has been brought to stand still.

Update: Tavistock Place near Russell Square was the location of the first bus explosions this morning in central London. Three other buses have reportedly exploded, the latest one near Marylebone.

Update 10.59 AM: the government has just confirmed that, due to the incidents aforementioned, 20 people have been killed.

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