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Hugo Chavez's idols...

By Aleksander Boyd

London 20.07.05 | Reading Miguel's post "Chavez expresses "devotion" for Peruvian Dictator" I found out about the interview that Izarra set up with a Raul Vargas of Radio Programas del Peru, in which Chavez praised "my general Velasco" [sic]. I highly recommend it, a golden opportunity to peak into Chavez's surreal psyche. According to history and one of the interviewers the little revolutionary project of Velasco plunged Peru deeper into misery, however Chavez had the gall to suggest that Velasco's policies were worthy of emulation and very successfull indeed, not like those of Chilean strongman Pinochet. Down the historical inevitability path it just so happens that Chile is, by far one must add, in a league of its own in economic, political and social terms with respect to the rest of the community of South American nations. Again the legacy of leftist dictators in the continent is one of poverty, economic stagnation, rampant corruption, absence of infrastructure and a long etcetera, however Chavez would have you believe that Pinochet's policies were a failure whereas those of him, and those of his idols Castro and Velasco, were/are a resounding success. Who does he think he's fooling?

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