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Venezuela and Cuba meddling in Bolivia, said Noriega

Editorial | El Universal

28.07.05 | The US Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs Roger Noriega confirmed wednesday the statements made by a Pentagon official who said that Venezuela and Cuba were meddling in Bolivia's internal affairs.

Noriega added that a response should not come from the US Department of State, but from the region as a whole, reported AP.

"The evidence is overwhelming" he affirmed, referring to statements made by US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Roger Pardo Maurer, who said that Venezuela and Cuba are trying to destabilize not only Bolivia, but also other Latin American countries.

Noriega said the Bolivian people and authorities know about the interventions in Bolivia by Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez and his Cuban counterpart Fidel Castro.

"It is not about how they worry about Pardo Maurer's o Roger Noriega's comments," he said. "It is an issue that must be decided upon by the region. It's no secret that Evo Morales reports back to Caracas and Havana".

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