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Venezuela elections [update 6:22 PM]

By Daniel Duquenal | Venezuela News and Views

07.08.05 | It did not last long. Primero Justicia has complained about the voting extension announcing that 98% of voting centers are empty and these ones should be closed right now. That there was absolutely no reason to keep them open as by law they should have been closed while the ones with people still voting can remain open as long as necessary by law.

Fraud anyone? As usual, it is the behavior of the CNE, the arrogance of its directors that is the main cause for suspctions. Do they do it on purpose or are they that arrogant?

Things are heating up.

TV, by the way finally showed up the fraud attempt in Miranda township of Carabobo. In other words, indeed, the CNE is being, charitably said, very lax with surpevison. If not helping fraud all along. Even when they are winning!!!!!!! Since supposedly it is the opposition who is not voting. Go figure..... Union Radio carries interesting info on how things developped there where the burping governor behaves as your regular small town bad guy, un malandro forajido! [to be continued]

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