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Breaking News Venezuela: Florida judge issues arrest warrant for Eudo Carruyo

From Notiven

Miami 16.08.05 | Florida judge Jacqueline Scola has issued an arrest warrant for Eudo Enrique Carruyo, son of PDVSA's and CITGO's Director Eudomario Carruyo.

The warrant reads:

To all and single sheriffs of the state of Florida, greetings: you are hereby commanded to immediately arrest the defendant and bring him or her before me, a judge in the 11th judicial circuit of Florida, to be dealt with according to law.

The charges presented by the prosecution are vehicular homicide / reckless manner and driving under the influence / manslaughter.

A $10.000 reward for information that could help law enforcement authorities arrest Carruyo has been offered by "ABC Bail Bonds" (305) 324-6629.

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