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Venezuela harboring Al Qaeda's Mustafa Nasar

By Aleksander Boyd

London 03.10.05 | Venezuelan army general Nestor Gonzalez Gonzalez and former director of Venezuela's political police (DISIP) Johan Peņa had made a series of allegations and accusations against Hugo Chavez regarding the harboring of wanted Al Qaeda terrorist Mustafa Nasar, Uranium development in Venezuela and support and state protection to Colombian narcoterrorists amongst other things. Johan Peņa gives a chilling account (video in Spanish here) on the whereabouts of Nasar and how he enjoys the protection of Carlos Lanz, former terrorist-kidnapper cum boss of Venezuela's aluminum conglomerate Alcasa.

General Gonzalez Gonzalez on the other hand shows, with the help of a Venezuelan map, various locations identified by the Venezuelan army where Colombian guerrillas from the Revolutionary Forces (FARC) rest, regroup and launch attacks to Colombia. He personally briefed Hugo Chavez in exquisite detail in February 2001 about the presence of FARC camps in border areas. Gonzalez Gonzalez argues that the FARC are but the armed component that shall force the revolutionary project that Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez want to implement upon the region.

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