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Reporting Venezuela: Norway leads the way...

By Aleksander Boyd

London 29.10.05 | From Stig in Norway we learn of another video clip, that unmasks the fanatism and personality cult that characterizes Hugo Chavez's political movement. Not surprisingly, for me at least, a very humble lady comments from her rancho -where 6 children and 14 adults live- in one of Caracas' many shanty towns "What do I think of Chavez? That he's the worst president that Venezuela has had, he's rubbish, useless". In the original "¿que pienso de Chavez? Que es el peor presidente que ha llegado a Venezuela, es una basura, eso no sirve" (sic).

10 of the 14 adults living there have lost their jobs. "Work is difficult to find, very difficult, there are many unemployed people, beggars, delinquents, crime is horrible" said the old lady.

Then the sycophantic Minister of Oil and CEO of PDVSA expressed that they are implementing their policies after Norway's model. "We are trying to put the income of the oil industry in the hands of the people..." stated Ramirez. Surely, in the hands -or rather offshore bank accounts- of people like Marc Rich, Bernard Mommer, Eudomario Carruyo, Wilmer Ruperti, Arturo Sarmiento, Bernardo Alvarez Herrera, Fidel Castro, Evo Morales, Lucio Gutierrez, Rodrigo Granda, Jorge Rodriguez...

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