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BBC: Bolivarian Broadcasting Corporation keeps anti-US slant

By Aleksander Boyd

24.11.05 | Note sent to the BBC Complaint Unit today.

For the second time I read the following remark "...Mexico supported a failed US bid to relaunch the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) at the Summit of the Americas in Argentina."

How can the BBC correlate the fact that 29 out of 34 possible signatories, representing equal number of nations of North and South America, expressed firm intentions, included in the Summit closing declaration, of expanding negotiations in favour of the adoption of the FTAA? [End of message]

When will someone put a stop to this propaganda? Mind you the Beeb is, perhaps, the most powerful media organization in the planet. They successfully confabulated with The Guardian to oust the democratically elected conservative government of John Major, based on fabricated sleaze allegations. Will they succeed in ousting the Republicans in America?

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