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The Hugo Chavez fan club advertised in Gmail

By Thomas Lifson | The American Thinker

11 26 05 | An alert reader serving with our military in Qatar has noticed a curious ad on top of his Gmail messages. Gmail is a service of Google, which is the hottest hi tech company since Microsoft, and which is raking in billions from advertising sales.

One of those advertisers is the Hugo Chavez fan club See for yourself in the screen capture here. One would think they could afford to be more discerning in their choice of Gmail sponsors.

As our own A.M. Mora y Leon has uncovered, the Venezuela Information Office, Chavez’s oil-funded propaganda arm, has spread out contracts with leftists to spread its propaganda among Americans. The recent “charity” oil sales in the Northeast are part of this effort to win over American support for the brutal Castro-wannabe.

Make no mistake: Hugo Chavez is an enemy of the United States. He is cozying up to the Iranian mullahs and is Castro’s best friend. He is out to use Venezuela’s oil wealth to fight us, and bring communism to all of Latin America.

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