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Hugo Chavez lashes OAS & EU electoral reports

By Aleksander Boyd

09.12.05 | Expectedly Hugo Chavez just couldn't keep his foul mouth shut for long. In light of the strong critical content of the electoral reports published by the Organization of American States (OAS) and the European Union (EUEOM) observation missions vis-a-vis the plebiscite that took place last Sunday in Venezuela, Chavez lashed from Uruguay both entities, going as far as accusing the EUEOM and the OAS of "acting in cohorts against people's interests and democracy" (sic). OAS secretary general Jose Miguel Insulza elegantly rebuked Chavez by saying that the OAS was asked by the Chavez regime to observe the elections and the feasibility of carrying out the mission was achieved only after great difficulties were sorted out. The positive aspect of it is that now the bunch of international clowns that have been opining on the 'successful election' will have to find out why is the owner of the circus so incensed by the aforementioned reports.

One has to guess that only reports written by Roberto Rivas-type of observer soothe the democratic soul of Castro's lapdog.

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