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Cristina Kirchner continues trying to control Argentina's judiciary

By Tony Pagliaro

21.12.05 | The powerful Argentine Senator, Cristina Kirchner -who happens to be both the President´s wife and the head of the Committee on Constitutional Matters of the Senate- is trying to openly bulldoze over the growing opposition to her project of reform of the key federal body (“Consejo de la Magistratura”) that oversees the appointment of judges and has disciplinary powers over them.

Most Bar Associations of Argentina have already gone public opposing said project on the basis that (i) it entails controlling the Judiciary and that (ii) it clearly violates its independence, as well as a specific provision of Argentina’s Constitution (Article 114).

Mrs Kirchner amazingly is stating that having won the recent mid-term elections she has a “popular mandate”, which apparently includes (in her views, at least) amending Argentina’s Constitution at her will. This, needless to say, is a very dangerous statement, endorsing a step clearly against the law of the country, showing how strong she believes Kirchner’s government is. Evidencing the growing Kirchner´s authoritarianism, Mrs Cristina Kirchner is pushing head-on forward with her totalitarian move.

The Kirchners, it must be reminded, already clearly dominate Argentina’s Supreme Court, whose new Justices (the majority) have been appointed by them.

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