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Venezuelan children abused by Hugo Chavez's revolution

By Aleksander Boyd

London 10.03.06 | As a father I felt deeply disturbed by the images of an 8 year old girl reciting from memory a political spiel, worthy of any respected pseudo revolutionary. It is disgusting to see that Fidel's apprentice is taking many pages out of the Cuban dictator's book and has commenced using young children for such questionable purposes. Where are the principled stands of Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch when children's rights are grossly violated? Where's UNICEF? Where are the outcries of organizations against the abuse of children? Where's the dignity of that poor girl's mother, did she traded her daughter's intelligence for a few quid? Hugo Chavez is a deranged wretched individual. He will pay, in his lifetime, for all the human suffering he's caused.

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