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Channel 4 News cleans its act on Hugo Chavez

By Aleksander Boyd

Washington 30.03.06 | It took the brief imprisonment of Channel 4 News correspondent Jonathan Rugman in Venezuela, for objective reporting on the country's situation to be broadcast by the British news channel. I shall commend Channel 4 News for being the first news outlet that has expanded on the very real relationship between Chavez and the Iranian Mullahs, noting the lockstep votes of Venezuela favouring Iran's furtherance of its nuclear ambitions.

The reaction from chavista sycophants and foot soldiers has been swift. However no amount of lobbying, lying or flirting with the fringes of the Labour Party, will change the fact that Hugo Chavez is running a militaristic regime, which has done away with freedoms and democracy. And from where I stand today, I can ascertain that the multimillion dollar enterprise of lobbying US politicos, media and interest groups has been an utter and absolute failure.

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