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BBC v Channel 4 News: which got Venezuela right?

By Aleksander Boyd

London 08.04.06 | Channel 4 News correspondant Jonathan Rugman was briefly jailed in Venezuela for having filmed military installations, or so the official line went. That may have been one of the reasons that prompted Channel 4 News to depart from previous biased reporting by Sandra Jordan. But Chavez's sycophants the world over should fear not, for the BBC has come to 'set the record straight'...

Greg Palast, known fan of Hugo Chavez, is the presenter of a BBC Latin American news segment. To attain objectivity and accuracy in reporting Palast made sure to interview a barrio-dweller fluent in English, viewers are supposed to believe such a thing, and of course tax fraudster Eva Golinger, native American Tokio Rose that has made a career out of sucking it to Venezuelan oil king.

The BBC programme is nothing but propaganda; riddled with innacuracies, distortions, subjective comments and anti-American charges as all things reported by them. One can see how Palast gets to accomplish his wettest dreams, by kidding with a 'revolutionary hero' bigger than life.

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