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Biased BBC Blog: Greg Palast given presenter's spot on Latin American section

By Ed Thomas

12.04.06 | Just in from the WT latest F news desk: BBC gives Greg Palast a presenter's spot on its Latin America news section (should fit in nicely with Gavin Esler's approach eh?).

Perhaps you know little about Mr Palast, but we at B-BBC remember him.

He's the man who exulted in Ronald Reagan's death.

Produces extreme Bush lied theories.

Maintained that that Kerry won in 2004

And now the BBC have given him the task of reporting Hugo Chavez and his ilk. Surprisingly enough, some aren't happy about that :

'But Chavez's sycophants the world over should fear not, for the BBC has come to 'set the record straight'...'

I sense a little sarcasm in this statement somehow. The last link compares Channel Four News with the BBC's coverage of Venezuela, and guess which is the more balanced? Just guess.

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