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Open Letter to Jonathan Rugman of Channel 4 News

Dear Jonathan,

To my absolute amazement the report produced by you and aired in Channel 4 News a few weeks ago was the most objective and balanced news clip about my country's situation that I have seen so far. Fortunately a clear departure from the previous subjective, inaccurate and biased Mentorn TV production presented by Sandra Jordan.

As a Venezuelan citizen, director of an international NGO that gathers more than 2.200 of my compatriots and editor of the most read news website in English about our country, I feel compelled to express my utmost gratitude for having portrayed Hugo Chavez and the sheer chaos generated by him in an appropriate light.

You were the first major news outlet that exposed the truth about the support that Hugo Chavez has pledged to the Iranian Mullahs, something that has very many of us deeply concerned.

Should you wish to learn in detail the unofficial side of things do feel free to contact me.


Aleksander Boyd, London 13.04.06

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