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Hugo Chavez taking a page out of Saddam's book: "we'll blow up our own oil fields"

By Aleksander Boyd

London 19.04.06 | See this is the kind of blessing oil speculators dream about: the deranged Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez said today from Uruguay "should they [USA] attack nobody will receive any oil. Should Venezuela be attacked we will do what the Iraqies do, we will have no other choice but to blow up our own oil fields, but they [the US] won't take that oil" (sic). Therein lies the admission then, for the record.

In exhibit 13.905 of alleged, and to date unsubstantiated, imperial invasion plans geared at ousting him, Chavez has increased the decibels of his rants, already in the realm of insanity. Mind you a man supposedly deeply commited to help the poor and disenfranchised, expressing in international fora his willingness to destroy the sole source of income that his pauperous nations has. What a leader, surely worthy of Honorary Degrees from world-class universities.

Nothing hurts Chavez more than being utterly and totally ignored by the US administration, that seems to pay no heed to the constant stream of nonsense flowing from Havana and Caracas.

In the meanwhile, consumers all around the globe continue to pick up Chavez's tab.

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