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Chavez will recall Venezuela's Ambassador to Peru if Garcia wins

By Aleksander Boyd

London 28.04.06 | Exhibit 4.717 of Hugo Chavez's interference in sovereign affairs of other countries: the president of Venezuela said today that should Peruvian presidential candidate, former president Alan Garcia, win the second round and become Peru's president he will recall the Venezuelan Ambassador to that country, for "with such president Venezuela won't have relations with Peru" (sic).

The Venezuelan pariah went as far as accusing Garcia of being utterly corrupt; this coming from a thug who has ruled the most corrupted administration that Venezuela has ever had, quite an achievement if you ask me, demonstrates that the man is absolutely deranged.

Castro's lapdog did not miss the opportunity to endorse, yet again, Ollanta Humala, a man with close connections to former spychief and wanted criminal Vladimiro Montesinos.

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