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Hugo Chavez calls for abstention in Venezuela

By Aleksander Boyd

London 12.06.06 | Recurring to his old tactics Hugo Chavez said yesterday during his TV show "he who disagrees with the use of [e-voting] machines should not participate in December's elections." Thus we see another demonstration of the utter disregard for democratic principles that the failed putschist spouses. Early in his political career Chavez advocated abstention as the solution against the corrupt AD-COPEI status quo.

Aside this late anti-democratic call, Chavez's lackeys at the National Electoral Council have flatly rejected a comprehensive audit to the roll proposed by Venezuela's most respected universities, allowing in its stead a meaningless proposal put forth by educational institutions that lack technical expertise, know-how, credibility and whose officials are appointed by the regime itself.

There's little doubt that Chavez will win hands down the coming election, especially considering that he is the first and foremost promoter of abstention. Venezuelans have two choices: either to accept the illegal conditions imposed by Castro's mini me and participate in a process that is heavily rigged or abstain from doing so. Either way it will not be a fair and transparent race and both options benefit Hugo Chavez.

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