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Venezuela: newspaper editor killed

By A.M. Mora y Leon

19.06.06 | Less than a week after Hugo Chavez threatened to shut down the broadcast press by yanking their licenses, a newspaper editor for the weekly Ahora newspaper was gunned down in a targeted hit. His death raises the total of news editors shot dead to at least four that I know about.

Hugo Chavez has it in for the media. And there will be no letup. The death of this editor shows the range of tactics he intends to employ as he begins to dismantle the independent media. Can you imagine the impact of this on the rest of the free press? We may see some of them keep laying low in order to stay out of Chavez’s crosshairs.

This is an outrage.

Agencia EFE has the story here.

Source Publius Pundit

Editor's note: Juan Manuel Carmona, owner of El Impulso newspaper was killed in a 'car accident;' Filippo Sindoni, owner of El Aragueño, another provincial newspaper and a TV station, was kidnaped and killed; Salvador Termini, owner of La Prensa de Monagas, yet another regional newspaper also died in a 'car accident;' and now Jose Joaquin Tovar has been killed. All deaths have occured recently...

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