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Dear Vcrisis readers and friends...

09.07.06 | We have all benefitted from clear and dependable information sharing on VCrisis. Month after month, readers from around the globe check this site. It is a real service because it is timely and refers us all to additional sourcing. We write today to urge each of you to hit the donation button and send what you can.

VCrisis is a free service and receives no funding from any government or corporation. But every web site requires operational fees which add up. We urge you to think and act today - now- with a little support for our friends at VCrisis. Over the last weeks, we have heard from dozens of you, sharing kind words and generous thoughts in support of VCrisis. We applaud such thoughtfulness but urge you to translate this in to a little generosity. The best things in life may be free but someone has to pay to keep the lights turned on. When that light is turned off, our communications, our network suffers. Let us keep that small light going. Thank you.

Olavo de Carvalho
Maggie Petito
Rosa Tibau Ponce
Edgar Teran

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