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Manuel Rosales: I don't fear Chavez nor his ambushes

By Aleksander Boyd

London 08.09.06 | Opposition candidate Manuel Rosales was attacked by supporters of Hugo Chavez yesterday as he visited poor areas in Catia, west Caracas. Residents of the area, which some make out to be a chavista stronghold, welcomed Rosales but a small group of Chavez supporters, thought to be members of the Bolivarian Circles, attacked the candidate by throwing stones and bottles from shacks (ranchos). Manuel Rosales placed the blame squarely on Chavez's shoulders should further attacks on his life take place. "If I get killed, in one of these ambushes, I blame Chavez, and the people will know what to do, the people will take to the streets and oust Chavez if he pretends to eliminate the possibility that I become the next president of Venezuela" expressed a clearly upset Rosales, who added "I don't fear Chavez nor his ambushes."

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