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Images of Venezuela

By Aleksander Boyd

On the way to Antimano

"Do not throw rubbish in playing field..."

Chavistas protesting our presence in Sector la Represa, Antimano.

House of the chavista lady who asked what the hell I was doing there (she can be seen wearing a red hat in the picture before). Perhaps she fancies her young daughters to grow up in these conditions.

Ranchos in Caracas' barrios do not pay electricity. Locals just climb the post and connect to the mains.

Chavista leader Mocho Escorche in San Carlos de Cojedes coordinates a protest against Rosales' walkabout. His t-shirt reads "Fantastic 4" and has pictures of Bolivar, Chavez, Che Guevara and Fidel Castro.

Group of chavistas shout abuse at passing opposition folks in San Carlos de Cojedes.

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