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No love for Rosales from Chavistas in Maracay, Aragua, Venezuela

By Miguel Octavio

Caracas 11.10.06 | About 50 Chavistas wearing red shirts showed up today in Avenida Bolívar of Maracay to attempt to show Rosales their new found love for Venezuelans by blocking the candidates path using violent means and stopping the rally. The group was clearly well organized and had planned its actions ahead of time. This was no spontaneous demonstration, but they failed to wear their newly found peaceful blue color, resorting instead to their customary and traditional brand new red t-shirts. Violence was averted thanks to the aid of the police and security forces as well as the pro-Rosales crowd, who not only refused to allow their rally to be interfered with, but were there in much larger numbers than the now "loving" but somewhat "squalid" group of Chavistas.

Later in the day, as Rosales was visiting the Barrio San Vicente of Maracay, the love attacks repeated themselves, this time by groups of pro-Chavez supporters, who now hid in the houses of the barrios and began throwing bottles and stones at the Rosales entourage and supporters. Definitely a loving day for the revolution.

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