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Venezuela: A photo record of Manuel Rosales' presidential campaign

By Aleksander Boyd

Caracas 01.12.06 | Since mid September I have been on the campaign trail with Manuel Rosales. I have seen many things in these past few weeks, but the most important lesson learned is that anyone attempting to reach the presidency needs a great deal of people and resources to mount a political platform with real chances of winning. Millions mobilised and poured onto the streets of Venezuela, the camaraderie, solidarity and positive outlook in spite of current conditions makes one feel optimistic about the future. Hopefully when it all ends I'll have the time to write a book about it. In the meanwhile I want to leave readers with a photographic record of the last 70 or so days, hoping that watching this set of pictures brings a small portion of the joy I felt taking them.

A photo record of Manuel Rosales' campaign in Venezuela, Mid Sep. to Nov. 1st 2006

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