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Narco News: "Venezuela is a drug dealers' temple"

By Aleksander Boyd

London 26.03.07 | The latest in narco news comes from a captured Colombian capo, Luis Hernando Gómez Bustamante, who stated recently "Venezuela has become a temple for drug dealers. There is a union of Venezuelans, Colombians and Brazilians. Drug dealing is very easy for no one gets prosecuted."

This is of course not surprising to the seasoned observer, and although the headline may be catchy fact is Venezuela is a narcoterrorists' paradise since Hugo Chavez came to power in 1998. This is the second instance in a rather short period of time in which a top narco dealer fingers Chavezland as a haven, however the argument that no one gets prosecuted in Venezuela merits some clarification. Indeed no crook gets prosecuted in Chavez's mobocracy, only political foes do.

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