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The Venezuela Connection tries to smuggle 4.5 tonnes of cocaine into Spain

By Aleksander Boyd

25.06.07 - Got up this morning with the breaking news about yet another major drug bust in Las Azores: 4.5 tonnes of cocaine were found onboard vessel Oceania, headed for Spain. Port of origin? You´ve guessed it, Venezuela, where the Chavez-FARC connection has resulted in the turning of the entire territory –nearly 1 million square kilometres- in the world’s biggest launching pad for Colombia’s drug produce.

A Venezuelan citizen was among those arrested. Spanish authorities were putting the blame on Galician mafias, not realising perhaps that for these mafias to distribute the drug in Europe there must be a party willing to send the stuff. It is certain that authorities over here will do whatever they have to do to get to those behind the deal and apply to them full force of the law. Will Chavez order his minions to do the same with his FARC partners? Will President Uribe come out of the closet and show, at last, the information on narcotrade his government has got on Venezuela? Doubtful…

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