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Chavez groupies to discuss Venezuela's constitutional reform in London

By Aleksander Boyd

London 28.09.07 | Someone just forwarded an invitation to a 'conversation' on the Venezuelan Constitutional Reform to take place in the Bolivar Hall of the Venezuelan Consulate in this city on 4 October at 18:30. Great. Since no booking is necessary I guess they will welcome my views about it, especially when I remind the audience that Chavez amendments are illegal according to Venezuela's Supreme Court.

The 'conversation' between a Chavez minion, read Alfredo Toro Hardy, MP Colin Burgon -one of Chavez's main apologists in Westminster- and Julia Buxton -a 'peace studies' expert that just happens to be infatuated with a military coupster- I am sure will create a paradigm of an objective, intellectually stimulating and above all impartial event.

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