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BBC's Jeremy McDermott echoing FARC's hostage numbers

By Aleksander Boyd

Marbella 22-01-08 | The following is a letter I have just sent to the BBC, though I do not expect any meaningful reply from it.

Dear Sir,

In the article "Little optimism after hostage releases" Jeremy McDermott argues "However nobody is optimistic that the remaining 40-odd political hostages in rebel hands will be coming home at any time soon."

This 40-odd number seem to be far from that which President Uribe and other Colombian officials refer to as the number of hostages of the FARC. Moreover in your own website (story "EU to keep Farc on 'terror list'") both the government of Colombia and EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana maintain that the FARC keeps more than 700 captives. As a matter of fact the number of captives quoted by McDermott is equal to the one constantly used by FARC apologists such as Hugo Chavez, Cuban Ambassador to Venezuela German Sanchez Otero and the very narcoterrorist organization FARC.

Could you please shed some light as to the source and veracity of this number?


Aleksander Boyd

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