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Academics, social sciences researchers, journalists and interested parties are adviced to analyse critically these series of factual reports produced by Sumate, in order to gain a clear perspective and understanding of the State of Democracy in Venezuela.

The Transparency of the Electoral Power

The Rule of Law

Independence of Public Power

Author: Carlos Rodríguez
The author is the former Group Finance Manager of Bitumenes Orinoco , S.A. (BITOR). He has been involved in the development of the Orinoco Belt working for PDVSA’s subsidiaries for over 22 years in Oilfield Development, Corporate Planning and Strategy, and Finance. He holds a BEng in Mechanical Engineering from Universidad Simon Bolivar, Caracas , Venezuela , and an MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from Cranfield University , UK . The author can be contacted by email via
Article: Orimulsion: A perspective on Venezuela's Extra Heavy and Bitumen hydrocarbons reserves
Article: Orimulsión sigue siendo la mejor manera de monetizar el bitumen del Orinoco

Author: Aleksander Boyd
Article: Medios de comunicacion y procesos de informacion: caso Venezuela
Article: An overview on the relationship of Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, terrorism and its international supporters

Author: Colin Forbes
Article: The IADC and Venezuela

Author: Francisco Toro
Article: Venezuela Part I: The Petrostate that was and the petrostate that is
Article: Venezuela Part II: CAP's botched reform
Article: Venezuela Part III: From institutional clientelism to the Chavista cult of personality
Article: The April Crisis revisited

Author: Gustavo Tovar Arroyo
Article: La Prevencion es lo Humano
Article: Razones Humanas: Exposición de motivos del conflicto social de Venezuela

Author: Maritza Ramírez de Agena
Article: Chavez: unfulfilled promises

Author: Moises Naim
Moises is Editor of Foreign Policy Magazine and was
Venezuela's Minister of Trade and Industry from 1989 to 1990.
Article: The Venezuelan Story: Revisiting the Conventional Wisdom
Article: Democracy Dictates Latin America's Future

Author: Antonio Guzman-Blanco
Former Manager at a major international bank doing business
in Venezuela
Article: President Hugo Chavez' ties to terrorism
Article: VENEZUELA: A threat to the region and United States interests – Risk Analysis

Author: Francisco Castillo
Francisco is attorney at Hoet Pelaez Castillo & Duque,
one of Venezuela's most prestigious law firms.
Article: Chavez and Terrorism

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