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Dear Mr Wilpert,

After reading your lucubrations regarding Linda Robinson's article and wishing to shed some light over all of those doubts you appeared to have as for why the American administration does not do this or that, allow me to tell you this much:

It's the oil stupid!!!

Fortunately we have a new "plan Robinson" in the horizon and none of your well thought and laborious facts will have the relevance or the international reach of Linda's article. Please do some research about Wladimiro Montesinos, DISIP bodyguards asigned to FARC leaders when in Caracas and why Chavez has never said one single word or implemented a plan to avoid 80 % of the Colombian cocaine produce to enter the international markets via Venezuela.

Please tell your boss that sooner or later he will have to take a one way ticket to Cuba, rest assured of that fact.

Yours faithfully,

Aleksander Boyd

PS: perhaps you could advise your buddy Weisbrot to kindly respond my message.

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