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Venezuelan Minister of Foreign Affairs says US and Venezuela are not allies.

By Sol Maria Castro,

The recently appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jesús Pérez, affirmed this Sunday in a newspaper interview (Ultimas Noticias) that “we are not allies of the United States, but are partners in many things.” Pérez accused Washington of looking for an excuse to apply the Inter-American Democratic Letter to President Chávez if the recall referendum against his mandate is not activated. However, to a question on ranking the importance of relationships with five countries, the Minister ranked the United States first, followed by Colombia, Brazil, Argentina and Spain. On Monday, the Minister also denied allegations that President Chávez had surrendered the Esequivo in Guyana for a potential favorable vote of Guyana as part of the Caricom in the Organization of American States.

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Protests Calendar towards the validation of signatures deadline:

· February 27: Opposition will march to show G-15 guests their determination to have an electoral, peaceful, democratic, and constitutional way out.

· February 28: Pro-government supporters will march from Tazón (outside Caracas) against US meddling according to Municipio Libertador Mayor, Freddy Bernal.

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