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Regional Elections in Venezuela: Update 12

By Aleksander Boyd

London 31.10.04 - 20:26 GMT - Some official news for a change... [RNV] Venezuela’s Attorney General Isaias Rodriguez has announced that the country we all desire cannot be built on the basis of abstention. He noted that the act of voting is set forth in the 1999 Constitution to strengthen our democratic system, but it goes well beyond that, it also reaffirms the system of municipal representation that is closer to the people.

Rodriguez affirmed that Venezuelans must be sensible and mature in order for public order not to be disturbed. “The act of voting is a right and not an obligation, however, social co-responsibility involves the participation of all Venezuelans in the voting process, given that abstention is not the best way to build the country that we all desire,” he stated.

Vice President Jose Vicente Rangel gave a beautiful speech reprimanding the immature character of the opposition and invited all political factors of the country to come to terms with the fact that Chavez is a benign democrat bent on leaping forward to reconstruct Venezuela. At this time I am listening to Radio Nacional de Venezuela, and the radio host is talking about the French Revolution, liberte, egalite, fraternite...

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