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Terrorist act in Venezuela equals more political prosecution

By Aleksander Boyd

London 19.11.04 | "Los medios son culpables, los medios son culpables... Los medios terroristas, los medios terroristas..." so shouted the blood-thirsty rabble whilst a government official deplored the terrorist act.

Iris Varela, Tarek Saab, Juan Barreto and other yes men/women of the regime have rapidly placed the blame upon those whom were being investigated by prosecutor Danilo Anderson.

Major Capriles Radonski went to the site of the bombing to express condolences and was attacked by the mob. A somewhat older version of rabble-rouser Lina Ron is right now threatening both Capriles Radonski and Chacao Major Lopez in live television...

And so the farce commences. My reading is: people from the opposition; brace yourselves for you are in for very rough times ahead. No sane mind could have forecast that this act would in any manner benefit the opposition as a political entity. On the contrary, the bombing can only serve Chavez' purposes of eliminating once and for all dissenters, of which Anderson had a 400 strong name list.

From Chavez and his ilk, anything can be expected.

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