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Eva Golinger's patrons...

By Aleksander Boyd

I do not receive any funding from the Venezuelan government... Eva Golinger 15/07/2004

I did some minor legal work for the VIO last year (2003), briefly, but the compensation was very minimal... Eva Golinger 15/07/2004

Boyd: the reason I put the $200,000 figure was because the total grant from DAI/USAID to S˙mate was about $150,000 - but a little less that half was put by DAI for the project - S˙mate probably benefited from that money too. In any case, I can accept a miscalculation there and go for the $138,240 figure since that is the most straightforward. But the $23 million figure cited today did not come from my website or my mouth, for that matter. I am not responsible if others misread the information... Eva Golinger's response (06/10/2004) when asked about Andres Izarra's false statements about Sumate having been granted $23 millions.

I've already stated numerous times that the work I did pertained to contracts and technical legal matters - which obviously I cannot disclose to you and your readers because it is privileged information... Eva Golinger 07/11/2004

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