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Elections in Zimbabwe

By Aleksander Boyd

London 01.04.05 | I would like to encourage readers of this site to keep a close watch on reports of Zimbabwe's election posted by The Zimbabwean. The only visible difference between that vote and the one last August in Venezuela is the absence of Jimmy Carter and his 'electoral observers' and the result is most likely to be the same.

As a Venezuelan one can only empathise with Zimbabweans at this moment, however, if past experiences are of any value, the vote, far from strenghtening democracy will, without a doubt, benefit the already too powerful Mugabe. As Archbishop of Bulawayo, Pius Ncube, said some Zimbabweans were praying for Mugabe to die. “Since the man (Mugabe) will not go on his own, some people are praying that God will take him. Mugabe has shown himself to be heartless and has left people with no option. There is nothing wrong with that. Of course it is up to God” (sic).

And what would THE beacon of accurate journalism report in that respect? Early Results in Zimbabwe Point to a Mugabe Victory.

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