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More on the Beating of Paraguayan Ambassador to Venezuela

By Nelson Bocaranda | El Universal

15.04.05 | WITHOUT PITY: The diplomat tells that upon leaving the Cathedral she headed towards her vehicle, which awaited her near the Foreign Office. A zealous Chavista, seeing her dressed much too elegantly for that part of town, confused her with an "escuálida" (term coined by Hugo Chavez to refer to white skinned members of the opposition) and after insulting her, took it upon himself to give her a beating. He literally split her face open from the blows and left her unconscious on the ground. Her chauffeur picked her up off the ground and carried her to the Casa Amarilla (Foreign Office), where they shut the doors on her. After recovering consciousness she had to walk as she was not getting any help from any of the Venezuelan functionaries, then headed for a clinic where they took notice of contusions to the eye, cheekbone, nose and chest. A protest from the Diplomatic Corps in Venezuela was sent to the Foreign Office, with copies sent to all ambassadors and governments. Yesterday the Paraguayan newspaper La Nación published a photo showing the deformed face of the injured ambassador...

Translation by W.K.

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