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Lula's campaign received $3 million from Fidel Castro

By Aleksander Boyd

London 31.10.05 | The new edition of Veja on-line contains shocking revelations; that of Lula's campaign having received $3 million from Fidel Castro. Furthermore the investigation revealed that between August and September 2002 Lula's electoral committee took the money coming from Cuba. The money was inside bottles contained in 3 cases of whisky and rum.

It is explicitly forbiden by Brazil's Law 9096, passed in 1.995, for a political party to accept foreign funds. Venezuela has similar legislation that criminalizes the acceptance of donations or contributions to political parties if these are originated abroad (Art. 25, s. 4, Ley de Partidos Políticos, Reuniones Públicas y Manifestaciones). Neither Lula nor Chavez seem to be aware of that fact and their campaign chiefs failed to inform them. For the former took monies from dictator and friend Fidel Castro and the latter from Spain's financial group Banco Bilbao Vizcaya.

Now the pressing question to Latin American "pundits": is this the same Lula that will save the region from totalitarianism and the advance of a neocommunist Castro - Chavez alliance? Now tell me the one about the Irish...

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