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Venezuela: Public employees not voting to be dismissed

By Aleksander Boyd

04.12.05 | Well folks, chavista desperation is running at an all time high. Polling station all around Venezuela saw little or no turn out throughout the day. But fear not for tonight, the most credible CNE, shall announce that 10 million people voted for Chavez's candidates. Check out this statements from Chavez's party Assemblywoman Iris Valera [fast forward to 5:05'] "...civil servants that do not vote today must be fired tomorrow..." What a line Iris!! Varela also called on all Venezuelans to defend the nation, one must wonder if she is requesting such help to rid the country of the many thousands Fidel Castro's envoys...

Please do not miss this other clip of Hugo Chavez [note to foreign readers: please do not think that Venezuela's president is communist; he is not, he just loves the red colour. Do pay attention to his democratic spiel though...].

And Ecuadorans beware, the red tyde is fast heading your way in the form of a national constituent assembly, a la Chavez. You have been warned.

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