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Re Chavez's anti-semitism: words of gratitude for Jean Hebert Armengaud

By Aleksander Boyd

London 11.01.06 | Dear Mr. Armengaud, It is with great astonishment that I learn about the abusive messages and possibility of loosing your livelihood due to the recent article you wrote about Hugo Chavez's anti-semitism (Le credo antisémite de Hugo Chávez). As someone that has been at the receiving end of much hatred from chavista compatriots and its international supporters I can only express my sincerest gratitude to you for having had the objectivity to shed light about the true nature of the ill-defined 'bolivarian revolution'.

It is no secret where the simpathies of Mr. Hugo Chavez are, namely with dictators, radical fundamentalists and narcoterrorists. I sincerely hope that courage and accuracy keep at your side when it comes to reporting the pseudo revolution spearheaded by the illegitimate Hugo Chavez and his criminal Cuban mentor.

With utmost respect from a grateful Venezuelan.

Aleksander Boyd

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