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Militant unions have interrupted all access to Puerto Belgrano, Argentina's main navy base

By Tony Pagliaro

17.03.06 | Argentina is a country full of all kind of surprises. Now dozens of determined workers belonging to the “Union of State Workers” have blocked every single access and entrance to Argentina’s main Navy Base: “Puerto Belgrano”, where most of Argentina’s main warships are in fact docked. Nobody can enter, nor leave, the Argentine Navy base. Not even Navy officers nor its personnel.

The three major entrances of the Base are now in the hands of the picketing workers and they have informed the media that only ambulances will be authorized - by them- to enter, or leave, the base.

The blocking will continue for an unspecified “period of time”, the duration of which has not been determined and will depend on the advance of workers negotiation with their “employer”: the Ministry of Defense.

Argentina’s security, under the Kirchners is, to put it mildly, quite volatile. As we said before, the country seems to increasingly be “out of control”. But this is what the Kirchners want. Some people speculate that the Kirchners may appoint the blocking Union leader as another member of the ministerial cabinet.

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