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Chavez to lead 'Bolivar Project' till 2021

By Aleksander Boyd

London 06.09.06 | Well folks here we another proof that Hugo Chavez will not relinquish power until, at least, 2021. In nearly all official organs of propaganda there is some reference today to yesterday get-together between representatives of Europe's last dictator and South America's first 'democratically elected' one. Hugo Chavez, for the umpteenth time, affirmed yesterday that he will lead the Simon Bolivar Project well into the XXI century. He has said, repeatedly, that he will stay in power until he wishes, in patent disregard for what the Venezuelan electorate supports at the ballot box. Therefore I can venture a guess about the choice we will have in December presidential elections: democracy or dictatorship. Now the question is; will the international community continue giving Chavez a free pass as with Lukashenko?

Chavez also denied the presence of terrorists in Venezuela. Well perhaps he has forgotten already about Wladimiro Montesinos, Jose Maria Ballestas, Hezbollah, or the man depicted above -a.k.a. Rodrigo Granda, all of whom enjoyed the protection of his regime in Venezuelan soil.

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