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Violence in Rosales' rally in Los Guayos, Carabobo, Venezuela

by Miguel Octavio

Caracas 18.10.2006 | Alek Boyd reports live from Los Guayos, Carabobo State near the city of Valencia, a very violent encounter between a group of Chavista supporters and Manuel Rosalesí rally. As the rally progressed through the Plaza Bolivar of Los Guayos, the group began attacking Rosalesí supporters using sticks, bottles and rocks. Despite efforts by participants and the police to stop the attack and the violence, it was simply impossible, as Alek said it was the most aggressive group they have met so far on the road with the opposition presidential candidate. Even the cops, who arrived in motorcycles to help stop the confrontation, had to drop them and leave them in the middle of the street in order to take cover from the stone attack. In fact, even a stand for one of Chavezí misiones was the victim of the aggression by the Chavistas. Alek will try to find a connection at some point tonight and report directly and maybe post some pictures.

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